Monday, June 9, 2008

Iframes within Sitecore - $$iframe

Since the Sitecore Content Editor can't handle the iframe tag for some reason it needs to be replaced with $$iframe and iframe$$ for the start and end html tags.

The web.config needs to have the iframe items added to do this. See below.

replacer id="publish" singleinstance="true" type="Sitecore.Text.Replacer, Sitecore.Kernel" mode="on"
param desc="name"$(id)/param
replacements hint="raw:AddReplacement"
simple ignorecase="true" replacewith="" find="/Home"
simple ignorecase="true" replacewith="/sitecore/content/home/news" find="/sitecore/content/news"
simple ignorecase="false" replacewith="<iframe" find="$$iframe" forpublish="true"/simple
simple ignorecase="false" replacewith="></iframe>" find="iframe$$" forpublish="true"/simple


Peter said...

Your code example is a mess. Almost all < and > signs have been removed...

Anonymous said...

I am having difficulty within the web.config, with placing the symbols within quotes: < and >

Anonymous said...

OK, I have tried everything, but 5.3.2 simply replaces to EMPTY:

<simple find="lEsStHaN" replacewith="&#60;" ignorecase="false" forpublish="true" />
<simple find="gReAtHeR" replacewith="&#62;" ignorecase="false" forpublish="true" />

MetrowestMiss said...

I use iframe on my site. I just add it to the HTML view in the code. Within the iframe brackets: width="485" height="800" src="" frameborder="0" target="_parent"

The red line indicating an error appears, but the page works fine. What is your experience with content editor not allowing iframe?

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