Friday, February 13, 2009

Download Stimulus Plan

How can we expect our congressmen and Senators to pass this? What happened to capitalism and free markets, is the US economy in that bad of shape we need to become socialist. Download the House Stimulus Plan and see for yourself. 

And if you are not a congressmen or Senator, you might have trouble figuring out what the hell this document is referring to half the time. It's very complicated and confusing. Here's a tidbit from it.

$1,200,000,000 for grants to the States for
19 youth activities, including summer jobs for youth

$1.2 Billion for youth activities and summer jobs. How about No! Youths can find their own summer jobs without having the government give them 1.2 Billion Dollars to do it. Nice work Obama. How about you give me a billion dollars for living in one of the worst states in the Nation in terms of unemployments. That would help me get a job, or wait I would just take the money and continue to not work. 

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