Monday, July 7, 2008

InfoPath Tabbing bug - Update #1

I saved the form as its source files and broke open the guts of the form. Looking at View1.xsl (since I didn't rename the default view), I found this by the date picker control.

button class="xdDTButton" title="" xd:xctname="DTPicker_DTButton" xd:innerCtrl="_DTButton" tabIndex="-1">
img title="" src="res://infopath.exe/calendar.gif"/

This button is the small calendar image that when clicked opens up the date picker control. As you can see this has a tabIndex of -1 instead of the 12 that the control should have. Below is the span associated with the text portion of the date picker. Notice how that has the correct tab index.

span class="xdDTText xdBehavior_FormattingNoBUI" hideFocus="1" title="" contentEditable="true" tabIndex="12" xd:xctname="DTPicker_DTText"

MS should have made the button have a tab index of 12 too so that the next tab action goes to the next field instead of dropping down to the rest of the form.

Next question, can I change the source files without breaking the rest of the form?? What about Drop Down Lists and Radio buttons? I suspect the same thing is happening...

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